OUTPOST19 is always on the lookout for innovative projects. We publish exceptional fiction and engaged nonfiction. Take a look at our list and read a few of our titles to get a sense of what makes sense for us.

To address the intense interest in short novels, we've also launched The Shortish Project, a new initiative dedicated to promoting and publishing short novels. 

Thank you for considering us. We're interested in novels, memoirs, biographies, reportage, short fiction and essay collections and innovative hybrids of all stripes.

We publish in print and digital formats, typically at a conventional book length. 

Use the form below to briefly describe the work you're submitting and to tell us a bit about yourself, including any previous projects, short or long, in print or other media.

Please include the full manuscript too.

We try to respond promptly. If you have any questions, please get in touch: jon@outpost19.com

Consider The Shortish Project

If your work is a short novel between 75 and 200 pages or so, consider submitting to our sister program, The Shortish Project. It's a new home for short novels with special focus on novellas/short novels. More details here: https://outpost19.submittable.com/submit/243902/the-shortish-project

Thank you!

The Shortish Project is a new publishing program dedicated to short novels -- original fiction from 75 pages to 200 pages (or so) in length. (Or about 14,000 words to 42,000 words or so.) 

Our standards are high, but the Shortish Project is open to all styles & genres. We encourage everyone to join in!

Titles published by The Shortish Project are distributed in paperback and ebook editions. The process is streamlined and designed to support each author's own marketing plan. We can move fast or slow.

Read more below (or press the "Submit" button to expand the viewable text). Or learn more at http://theshortishproject.com, including links to 600 acclaimed short novels from the past 200 years.

New! One-on-one book editing for fiction and nonfiction book projects.

  • Get a close, critical read of your manuscript.
  • With feedback and suggests, from the overall structure to line edits to word choices.
  • Talk it though one-on-one via Zoom or in person, up to 3 sessions.
  • Work on your schedule and timeline.
  • Review your publishing options, from agents to indie publishers to self-publishing, and look at potential promotions/marketing strategies.

We'll start with your intentions and goals, then we'll review your text together, looking at edits and offering straight-forward feedback -- while always prioritizing your concerns.

Work with Outpost19 senior editor/publisher Jon Roemer, in a friendly, intensive and supportive process.

Review the form below for more details.