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It’s been a while. Six years to be precise. 

That’s when we last compiled Rooted, a colorful little family of tree-tethered nonfiction, created a single home for it in the pages of an anthology, and invited Bill McKibben to write an introduction. A lot’s happened since then. Tree stuff has continued to enjoy the literary limelight, and a thicket of excellent arboreal essays have emerged in the last few years.

Some of those published pieces will make their way to our next edition, but Outpost19 is mainly seeking original nonfiction—from lyric essays to reportage and everything in between—not to exceed 7000 words.

  • Flash is welcome.
  • Segments of memoirs that stand alone are welcome.
  • Comics and graphic essays are welcome.
  • Tree-related literary surprises are especially welcome.
  • 2017 to present is the target for previously published work.

One of the things we discovered as we published and promoted the original Rooted is that everyone we met (in bookstores, at conferences, online and in person) indeed had a tree story, some connection, some memory or anecdote or obscure bit of scientific research.

That’s what we’re hoping to capture, in their most eloquent and provocative forms, in the pages of our second volume. Thanks for considering Rooted Two as a home for your work. We’re honored to consider it.


Josh MacIvor-Andersen, Editor

Josh MacIvor-Andersen is the author of the critically acclaimed memoir On Heights & Hunger and editor of Rooted, The Best New Arboreal Nonfiction. His essays, reviews and reportage have won numerous national awards and nominations for the Pushcart Prize, and can be found in journals and magazines such as The Guardian, Normal School, Gulf Coast, Paris Review Daily, Fourth Genre, Arts and Letters, Sycamore Review, Sojourners, Geez, Ruminate, Rock and Sling, National Geographic/Glimpse, Diagram, The Drum, The Collagist, Garden and Gun, Memoir (and), New Millennium Writings, Our State, Prism and The Northwest Review. He is the “Readers’ Ruminate” and “Last Notes” editor for Ruminate Magazine, as well as the Book Review and Interview editor for The Waking. He lives in Terre Haute, Indiana and directs the writing major at Saint Mary-of-the-Woods College where he is an Associate Professor of English.